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Watch "NJ Overdose Deaths Up 2000%&...

Watch "NJ Overdose Deaths Up 2000%" on YouTube Posted by on Oct 1, 2017

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Watch "Rant: Is The NFL Boycott Working?" on YouTube

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Watch "Black Community, We Have A Problem!" on YouTube

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The Death Of Alton Banks

Health officials warn fentanyl, and other synthetic forms of the drug, can be so powerful that just inhaling or touching a small speck can be fatal. Detectives are still working to connect the dots of his final day and figure out where exactly he was exposed to the fatal drug. Young victims — some curious toddlers who ingest the...

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FL Mayoral Candidate Congemi Says "Go Back To Africa and Obama Was Your Reparations"

A candidate for mayor in St. Petersburg, Fla. erupted at black reparations activists, telling them to “go back to Africa” during a mayoral debate. A forum about opportunities for youth in St. Petersburg, Fla., turned racial when long-shot mayoral candidate Paul Congemi lashed out at an opponent’s supporters. Paul...

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Jocelyn Savage Deny Being Held Against Her Will By R Kelly

The parents of one woman aged 21 told BuzzFeed that their daughter has been “brainwashed” by Kelly since she met him following a concert in March 2015. The woman, who identified herself as Jocelyn Savage to TMZ Monday, is reported to have moved in with Kelly and broken off contact with her parents. “It was as if she was...

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R Kelly Deny Claims Of Holding Young Women In A Sexual Cult

Reuters Video: Singer R. Kelly denies cult claims The singer R. Kelly has denied claims that he keeps a household of young women in a “cult” atmosphere. The 50-year-old has been accused of running a “cult” of young aspiring female musicians, living in a series of houses in Atlanta and Chicago, and forbidden from using...

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R Kelly Accused Of Leading Young Women Into A Sexually Abusive Cult

DeRogatis’ report goes into more detail about another young, aspiring singer from Florida who met Kelly when she was just 17 and recently had breast augmentation on his dime, and includes audio recordings of the 19-year-old’s conversations with the singer. Multiple parents have attempted to get law enforcement involved, but so far...

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Is Sammy Sosa Latest Skin Bleaching A Sign Of Self-Hate?

So far, Sosa hasn’t commented about the reaction to his appearance. But CNN commentator Keith Boykin offered some wise words about the controversy: “I don’t know what Sammy Sosa is going through, but the most important lesson I’ve learned in life is to love yourself for who you are,” he tweeted. If companies stopped...

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The Police Shooting of Dejuan Guillory

Dejuan Guillory was 27 years old. Everyone who knows him calls him sweet, hardworking and charming. Everyone who ever laid eyes on him objectively says that he was good-looking. He loved his children. He had a troubled past that he had put behind him, and he had a promising future as a concrete contractor. Guillory’s family alleges...

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The Murder of Philando Castile

Officer Jeronimo Yanez pulled Castile’s car over in Falcon Heights, a suburb near Minneapolis and St. Paul, and the officer later said he thought Castile matched the description of a suspect in a robbery. The stop quickly escalated. In a statement Friday, the St. Paul Public Schools system said they continued “to remember and mourn...

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